Development of E-Business

 tax credits

The Electronic Business Development Tax Credit encourages companies whose activities are concentrated around the design of computer systems or the publishing of software. Revenu Québec's objective is to encourage jobs in information technology.

Your company could be eligible for the Development of e-business tax credit if it meets some conditions :

  • Your business is located in Quebec and generates activities there

  • Your company operates in the information technology sector (at least 75%)

  • Your company has an eligibility certificate given by Investissement Québec

  • Your business has eligible salaries and employees.


If your company meets these criteria, it could benefit from a partial reimbursement of eligible labor. This reimbursement will be maintained as long as your company meets the criteria.

Contact us to confirm if your activities may be eligible for a Development of e-business tax credits  

Your project may also be eligible for SR&ED credits or multimedia titles.