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Innoprofits solutions was founded in 2009 by Marwan Bitar. We have been supporting and advising innovative companies for over 11 years. Whatever the size of your company and your sector of activity are, our mission is to strategically guide you in your process of claiming SR&ED, Development of e-business, multimedia titles tax credits and other IRAP-type subsidies.

At Innoprofits Solutions, we are listening to you and are aware that the maximization of tax credits is a plus but the priority remains to develop your business and help you succeed in your projects.  

As an innovative company, you want to limit and control the costs and risks of your projects while maximizing your profits. To do so, we offer you strategic support tailored to your current objectives and financial needs. This approach is based on business partnership to ensures us a full understanding of your challenges.

Our experience and knowledge in several fields of expertise means that we have developed close links with various public funding institutions in Montreal, such as the CNRC, the ARC, Concordia D3, or even Re-Think. Not to mention our excellent relationships with government officials, thanks to the quality of the files we submit for our clients.


Our ultimate goal is therefore to provide you a smooth, hassle-free and optimized claims experience.  




Whatever your industry, the size, or the culture of your company, we adapt to your reality.

Nos valeurs


Our conception of a successful business relationship brings us back to the concept that complete transparency on both sides in that relationship, consistently achieves better results for the benefit of the customer in the first place.


Our goal is always to optimize the amounts claimed for you and this optimization is achieved through the pursuit of excellence in our choice of consultants, strategies and approaches in relation to your needs.

Transmission of knowledge

Our team works closely with yours in order to share their knowledge and know-how. By sharing our knowledge, we enable companies to better identify and manage their innovation activities which will ultimately enable them to increase their claims revenues.